• Commission status: open!

  • How to commission: please fill out the form below or check the commissions option through my ko-fi!

  • Payment required before I start working on the commission

  • Personal use only!

  • I have the right to refuse commissions

  • No refunds sorry!

  • Sketch / Doodle:

Bust: $2 usd / Half-body: $3 usd / Full-body: $5 usd

  • Flat Color Lineart:

Bust: $7 usd / Half-body: $8 usd / Full-body: $10 usd

  • Lineart and Full-Color:

Bust: $15 usd / Half-body: $20 usd / Full-body: $25 usd

  • Additional character is +50% of base price

  • Price depends on complexity and detail of the character

  • Flat color with simple pattern background only (can be added for flat and full options!)

  • A more detailed background is possible for an additional price!

  • Extra details can be added for an additional charge depending on complexity (flowers, hearts, stars, etc.)

  • commission process:

  • After I receive the payment for the commission, I’ll send you a rough sketch for your approval. You can request changes during this time.

  • It's okay to ask for drawing progress!

  • The time estimate for each commission varies, I’ll give you an estimate through private message.

I can drawI can’t draw
Humanoid / FurriesMech
Slight gore (light blood/injury)Gore
Simple DesignDetailed Design